The Anacondas

The Anacondas vs Tabu

Sunday August 19th - 15:00h - Lowlands Festival Cinema

The Anacondas meet F.W. Murnau

"It must have been the end of March when we first met with 3 delegetes of the Amsterdam surf-rock outfit The Anacondas. It took us less than 10 minutes to convince them to say yes to our proposal to compose a new soundtrack for F.W. Murnau’s last triumph Tabu, to be performed at the 2012 Lowlands festival. Now, after being locked up for more than four months painstakingly studying every scene, every second, every cinematic detail of Murnau's 1931 masterpiece, The Anacondas will exchange the darkness of the practise room for darkness of the Lowlands cinema. Nothing less than a world premiere! Having become close friends, The Anacondas & Murnau will meet in public for the first time to create a unique CineSonic experience that will transpose the Lowlands audience from fields of wet Biddinghuizen clay to the sun-drenched exotic islands of Polynesia."

For those 55.000 people lucky enough to find themselves in possession of a Lowlands ticket, please beware, there are only 900 seats available! Come and join us coming Sunday at Lowlands Cinema Echo tent to enjoy love, the sea, the sun, and the surf!

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The Anacondas have a song (Floating Home-from our latest CD/LP Bad Buzz:Lost in the Space Age) on the upcoming compilation CD "Brave New Surf" which will be out pretty soon on "Double Crown Records" (USA).The release date is set to november 29.

Other bands included are a.o. El Ray, The Phantom 4, The Madeira, Frankie & the Poolboys ,The Bambi Molesters and Daikaiju so now you know that you gotta have this.

The guys behind the record label also run a magazine called The Continental magazine. Their latest release (#18) features a compilation CD with a.o. The Bambi Molesters and The Anacondas.

Both items can be purchased from us at our shows.
Talking 'bout shows: The Anacondas will do their first Zaanstad show since years. On dec 17 we're in Wormer so all you Zaankanters come check us out!

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Good news

First the good news: The Anacondas' drummer Woody Stix recently became a dad.
He and his wife Isabel are the proud parents of their custom made son Benjamin. Congratulations!

Unfortanetely we had to cancel the Italy gigs due to logistic problems, including the famous Surfer Joe festival. A big sorry to everyone who counted on seeing us. We hope to make it up to you sometime.
We also cancelled the instant substitute show at the Mods versus Rockers festival. We'll be back at Mods v/s Rockers in 2012.

We do have some gigs coming up in Amsterdam (july) and Zeeland (september). Check the Tour Dates page!
Bring some money to buy our latest lp/cd Bad Buzz - Lost In The Space Age or a nice colorful t-shirt (15 euro).
We are also on Facebook now. Check our Links page (Cool Bands).

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The origins of Bad Buzz...

Now here's a story that touches the stars. By some quirk of fate, The Anacondas got their hands on recordings of the wrap party thrown by the cast and crew of the faked moon landing (the one that was covered up when the real moon landing actually worked out). Since the recording was so damaged, the band decided to recreate the songs themselves. It involved a lot of painstaking work in small, dark, enclosed spaces. But the finished results are an almost perfect replica of a deeply strange and rocking night at the dawn of the Space Age, featuring:
* The rhythmic Freudian undertones behind humanity's quest for the stars!
* The ranting and vocal stylings of Bad Buzz, the b-actor desert casualty who played astronaut Buzz Aldrin!
* An intergalactic surf as Barbarella's bitch as she takes on Major Tom!

In many ways, Bad Buzz is a political album. It speaks of a time, when the Space Age was a democratic concept available to all, while now unfortunately it's just a fantasy that only billionaires can enjoy. But thanks to The Anacondas, we can now re-live an era when the cosmos was still a dream available to the masses. Surrender to the sounds of the Space Age. A shining glittering dance party of hope – a one way elevator-ride to the stars……

Hereby The Anacondas invite you to the Vinyl Presentation of

Bad Buzz- Lost in the Space Age.

– Paradiso, november 6th, 22.00

 Yours sincerely,
Tad ‘Niragag’ Waterson
Owner/Operator at Surfgalactic International Corp.

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Gisteren is bekend geworden dat op een zolder in Castricum unieke audio-opnames zijn teruggevonden van een in scene gezette maanlanding in 1969. Uit het materiaal valt op te maken dat er in de woestijn van Nevada een filmset was gebouwd, bedoeld als alternatief, mocht de maanlanding mislukken. Eerdere geruchten hierover zijn door de Amerikaanse autoriteiten tot op heden ontkend. Naar nu blijkt, heeft de Nederlandse water- ingenieur Janssen, betrokken bij de ontmanteling van de filmset, de bewuste tapes mee terug naar huis genomen. Op de tapes staat naar verluid een hele soundtrack, inclusief een nummer van de acteur die Buzz Aldrin zou spelen. Deze zgn 'Bad Buzz', zoals hij zichzelf graag noemde, schreef zijn eigen tekst op de legendarische Hopped Up Mustang-song: Hopped Up Rocket.

Het nieuws is bekend gemaakt door de zoon van Ingenieur Janssen, Peter Janssen, die het materiaal gebruikt heeft als inspiratie voor de binnenkort uit te komen LP van zijn band The Anacondas: 'Bad Buzz - Lost in the Space Age'.

Meer informatie :
Tad Waterson
Owner at Surfgalactic International
tel: 00316 4235 0934

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The Anacondas new album Bad Buzz-Lost In The Space Age is in its production stage right now.
We're gonna put it out on colored 12" vinyl, CD with 6 page digipack cover and as MP3. Be sure to get your hands on one of these babies.
It's gonna be released on our own Surfgalactic International label.
The release party will be held at the Paradiso (Amsterdam) on the 6th of november 2010 in cooperation with the Amsterdam Beat Club.
Check the Tour Dates soon for more info.

Our video La Danza De Los Muertos was shown at the Klik! animation festival which was held in Amsterdam last september and got great response.
Haven't you seen the flick yet? Go to the Links page of this website (Cool Anacondas movies), and you'll be in for a treat.
Also The Anacondas' classic Theme For A Crispy Duck (from their Snakin' All Over CD) will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming The Mighty Boosh movie.
Carne magazine (Argentina) included 3 The Anacondas tracks with their latest release. Check it out!

Here's some pictures of our show we did in Tilburg recently.

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Callin' all groupies

Calling all groupies. Guess what? You're too late!
Yes, the most handsome Anaconda Woody Stix got married on the 2nd of July with the lovely and talented photographer Isabel Nabuurs.
After the wedding ceremony there was a big party in north Amsterdam with all their friends and family while the band West Hell 5 kicked out their swinging spy tunes.
After their set The Anacondas took over WH5's instruments and backline to play 2 of our most rocking tracks to please the guests and to show the West Hell 5 (including Ir Vendermeulen and the Pep) who's the boss of course.
Later on Dr Bikini and Johnny Torpedo (The Anacondas)spinned their exotica, rythm 'n blues and soul records till the early mornin'.
This party was so cool that it was worth getting married alone just for that!

This friday 23 of July The Anacondas play at the "Rock 'n' Roll Surffest" in Amsterdam, with lots of cool bands and dee-jays. RnR Surffest is gonna happen at the Korsakoff and neighbour Maloe Melo. Check Tour Dates for more info.
Coming up: North Sea Surf Festival (Sept. 4th) with a.o. The Anacondas, El Ray, The Kilaueas, Speedball Jr, The Phantom Four, Los Venturas and the Spaceguards!

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Interesting shows

If you've read the 'News' articles on our tour you could have guessed that The Anacondas had a rockin' good time.
The other towns we hit after Landshut were Domazlice (Tsjech rep.), Stuttgart, Erfurt (!) and Berlin (!).

Our album Bad Buzz still in the works and is getting close to it's release. I can hear you thinking: Yeah I heard that one before. But now we really mean it , honest.

We also got some interesting shows comin' up like the Godzilla soundtrack show in Amsterdam. Yes, back again by popular demand.
And The Anacondas will play at the infamous Sleazefest in Wijk Aan Zee. Yes, finally!
But first we're gonna play right at the beach of Castricum this friday. Giving the shore and the audience the soundtrack it deserves.

In memoriam: Gonzo (The Pastrellis) and Kees Kousemaker (Lambiek).

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